A Meaningful

Destination Place

Fosters ongoing operator conversations

and stronger relationships

Solid relationships are built with meaningful dialogue and communication. Incent has created a platform that delivers a medium for you to achieve this with local market street operators.

Using the Incent technology, you will have a meaningful destination place that gives operators a reason to continuously visit and engage with you.


  • Viewing promotional earnings entices the operator to visit frequently because it becomes their “Bank Account.”

  • Easy to stay relevant. You can update content and cater messaging to specific audiences as frequent as you like:

    • Recipe Ideas

    • Newsletters

    • Surveys

    • Merchandising support

    • Sample programs

    • And much more


  • Create your own branded currency using our reloadable Visa Card payout program.*

    • Your brand is now in the wallet of the operator, keeping you top of mind

    • Popular operator payout method, offers the most flexibility

    • Earnings are transferred to cards monthly, no more waiting until the end of the promotion for earnings payout


  • Incent offers additional payout options for the operators: ACH Direct Deposit, Rebate Check and Rewards/Points Catalog.


*The Visa cards are not pre-paid gift cards. They’re personalized reloadable debit cards.

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