Address Specific Local Market Needs

Quickly execute multiple, unique programs simultaneously

Foodservice manufacturers have lacked the ability to execute local level promotions to resolve unique market situations. Promotions have typically been offered nationally, regionally, or by segment only. Unfortunately, the factors that affect performance aren’t the same in every local market. 


The Incent platform was developed to enable manufacturers to quickly and affordably run multiple unique promotions, including street level promotions, on a single platform and all at the same time.


The Incent solution also easily facilitates custom sales programs for your direct sales force, DSR incentive programs that can be unique to each distributor house, and BSR incentive programs.


Incent recognized that as you run unique promotions in the marketplace the content and offers may need to be protected between different audiences. Therefore, the Incent platform creates simple and secure firewalls to enable you to control the content that each audience can see.

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