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The Grubstakes Model


Traditionally, sweepstakes have been structured to payout more lucrative prizes but with fewer winners. This traditional model leads to a disconnect because the odds of winning are so small. The Grubstakes model guarantees greater odds of winning, increasing the brand connection and participation.


The experience needs to be meaningful or the opportunity to connect to the consumer is missed.

The key is to find the right balance of reward value

and odds of winning. Grubstakes will help you find the right balance to entice participation, and liability. The Grubstakes platform ensures costs stay within budget.

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We Win With Grubstakes!

Instant Gratification

Consumer participants find out immediately upon completing the survey if they have won. Winning is happening throughout the event which creates word-of-mouth and an event that encourages more participation.

Friendly Technology

Using their smart phone, consumers can access the survey by text message or QR Code. The engagement is brief, and the survey platform is easy to use. Although we make it simple for the consumer to participate, our survey collection process and security measures help ensure feedback is being captured at the point of consumption.

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Promotion and Fulfillment

Grubstakes is a turn-key promotional program. The program provides custom event communications and merchandising that is appropriate for each venue. Additional resources provided include survey creation, live event monitoring, prize fulfillment and results reporting. Also, if staff is used to help execute the event on location, Grubstakes can facilitate and fulfill staff incentive programs.