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(417) 243-0600
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The Incent Local program site is accessed by texting a key word to a dedicated phone number.  Weekly text messages are sent to participants to remind them of the program, highlight upcoming offers, and provide an access link to the program site. The texts are convenient, easy to use and can be saved for later access.

Upon entering the Incent Local program site, customers can search a directory of participating local businesses by category. Each business has their own personal site page that provides information about the business and their special offers. A trivia game is offered on the business page as a fun, engaging way to earn additional savings coupons.

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The unique trivia challenges make Incent Local™ stand out. By playing the game(s), customers will have an opportunity to win bonus offers based on the number of correct answers. It is fun and challenging, and maybe even habit forming. That’s a good thing. It keeps them coming back.

As customers locate and earn coupon specials, they can use the coupons immediately or save for future redemption. The coupons can be easily saved to the customer’s phone by screen shot or emailing the coupon to themselves.

When surveyed, most consumers want special offers via text message.1


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